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Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

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Rejoice! [02 Dec 2009|04:05pm]

My fellow gamers,

Today I received and opened the 200th issue of Game Informer magazine. To celebrate their milestone, GI has issued a list of the top 200 video games of all time.

In the number one spot?

The Legend of Zelda.

I move we all go out and celebrate this recognition in our own pointy-eared, sword-swinging, Rupee-spending fashion. We're number one!

(Crossposted like whoa.)
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[06 Nov 2009|09:06am]

Crossposted to every Zelda comm I'm in, with apologies for any overlap on your flist. Link and Zelda have an argument about which one of them is actually the legend.

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For tomwalker :) [01 Jul 2007|04:37am]

1 icon today from AoL:

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If all else fails use fire [16 Jun 2007|08:01pm]

I'm having an awesome time re-playing the game on the Wii Virtual Console - if you guys need any tips or tricks let me know, I've got this game down to a science ;)

I was inspired to make some icons - here are 4 Versions of my favorite quote :)

1 2 3 4

Comments are appreciated
Credit _madam_mina_
Special thanks to einmonim for creating the table generator :)
Please check out my other icon posts HERE
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Yay!! [13 Jun 2007|04:15pm]

Zelda II is available on the Wii Virtual Console!!!! I'm off to play it now :)
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Adventure of Link fanart [01 Jun 2007|08:45am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Some fanart I dedicated for The adventure of Link since its one of my favourite stories of the Zelda universe ~_~

Also if your a fan of The adventure of Link you must listen to this song http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01496/

And ofcourse the Adventure of Link fanlisting GO JOIN! They also have some nice artwork for icons =D

And last one: http://www.thehylia.com/media/index.php?cat=5
Also great artwork with one really rare with Link and Sleeping Zelda who isn't so sleepy anymore XD
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A Random Icon [30 May 2007|02:35am]

It's lonely here - everyone post!! This icon is a variation of one that I made before:

PS - I'm still impatiently waiting for The Adventure of Link to make it's appearance on the Wii Virtual console *grrrr*
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my to-do list [08 May 2007|04:38am]

i have decided that my new mission in life is to screencap the entire game.
i have also decided that my second mission, once i complete the first mission, is to make an Adventure of Link moodtheme.

would this be something you lot would be interested in?
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Nintendo Power [08 May 2007|01:16am]

I don't know if anyone else has noticed this:

In last months Nintendo Power they said that Zelda II would be on the Wii Virtual Console by April 30th.

In this month's Nintendo Power there is an insert advertising the Wii and the Virtual Console page advertises Zelda II as being available.


I've been looking on the Virtual Console since April but it's not there! What is the deal?! </rant>
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!!! holy crow!!! [06 May 2007|02:25am]

GASP! we just shot up by 3 members, you guys!!!

welcome aboard, new people! :)
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i think i have it this time! [03 May 2007|02:15am]

the emulator i've been using is VirtuaNES, which i love. i tried downloading a later version of it, and i tried downloading Zelda 2 from a different place, but the colours still looked the same. i dug out my gameboy and the colours didn't match up at all. i downloaded another emulator, called Jnes, and put Zelda 2 on it - the colours look much better! what do you think?

i will be deleting the screencap post i made and re-posting it with better pictures with the proper colour!
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is this right? [02 May 2007|01:11am]

i'm playing Zelda 2 using the VirtuaNES emulator and it seems to me that the colour is a bit off, it could be just me but could someone tell me if the colours for the overworld look right? thanks!

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[27 Apr 2007|05:20pm]

I've put all the pages of the manual under the cut - feel free to use them for icons or whatever. No hotlinking please, just right click and save to your computer :)

There are 26 total .jpg files so probably not dial-up friendly :(

Zelda II ManualCollapse )
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15 Adventure of Link Icons [26 Apr 2007|11:58pm]

1 2 3

(15 total here)
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affiliate! [27 Apr 2007|12:10am]

hello! we have a new affiliate, cat_macro_icons. i know it has nothing to do with Zelda, but so what? :)

also, i changed the community layout so that the entries are centred beneath the header. yay me!
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[24 Apr 2007|03:08pm]


Best Advice Evah!!!

If anyone needs help with this game just ask - I'm a pro :) I have hand drawn maps of all but the first 2 palaces and I know the trick to beating my shadow ;)

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!!!!!!!!! [11 Jul 2006|09:31pm]

we are now affiliated with zelda_claims! we're going to have the prettiest Zelda babies ever.

one icon. comment/credit if taking.

i wonder when someone who isn't me will join this place?

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4 icons, 2 friends only banners [03 Jul 2006|11:18pm]

if taking please comment and credit deaddoloreshaze!

aksjhdfCollapse )
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first entry [11 Jun 2006|06:17pm]

testing, testing -

come back in a few days when it looks nicer.

EDIT: i think this is as nice as i'm going to be able to get this community to look.
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