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Adventure of Link fanart

Some fanart I dedicated for The adventure of Link since its one of my favourite stories of the Zelda universe ~_~

One of my favs drawings I made of Adventure of Link ^___^

Well this is a project I'm working on, The story is based on the Adventure of Link story but I added some stuff XD

I just loveeeeeeeeeee Links sword of Adventure of Link *__* best sword ever!

THis Princess is the young Princess Zelda from the game The legend of Zelda. I still need to draw Sleeping Zelda >_<

And of course King Link, in the adventure of Link booklet it said something about a great king, of course I thought it was Link XD

Thats it for now guys! ^__^

Also if your a fan of The adventure of Link you must listen to this song

Her skin, white as the cleanest snow
Eyes closed in tranquillity
Her heart is calm, her breathing slow
On the altar, sleeps for eternity

The Valiant will be their sacrifice
To breathe life into the cursed remains
And so, Dragmire shall arise
From ashes covered with blood stains

So maiden, tell us thy secret please
About the smile on your pale lips
"He's here!" she whispers now with ease
"Our future lies at his fingertips"

Your highness, will you ever awake?
Or will you sleep 'til the end of time?
We'll follow you through life and death
Forever faithful to the land of legends

Oh chosen one, bearer of Master Sword
A helden boy, Hyrule's own godsend
Pursued by the enchanted horde
They'll hunt the Triforce 'til the end

Go warrior, search for the golden land
Find Power, Courage and Wisdom
Don't fear, take Princess by the hand
Be brave, and save her kingdom

"Link, be careful! May the Triforce be with you."

And ofcourse the Adventure of Link fanlisting GO JOIN! They also have some nice artwork for icons =D

And last one:
Also great artwork with one really rare with Link and Sleeping Zelda who isn't so sleepy anymore XD
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